Well it’s warm and sunny out there, so I thought I’d need a lovely CD of Truly Bonkers EDM – that banging reverse-bass styley boom-fa, boof-fa stuff. Couldn’t find ‘hardstyle’ on Beatport – but it’s there hidden away, as I now discover when writing this blog. Tcha.

Still – I found Hard Dance which seemed to cover it. Here are the bonkers tunes I downloaded…

[… in wav format, then using Brasero to burn them to a CD, all titles and artists entered manually with text from my downloads page. Good heavens, there really, really must be a better way of selecting tracks on Beatport and getting a CD in the post? Or pointing an App to the tracks and getting a CD? I’ll work on it…]

I did try to find some hardcore-til-i-die/hardstyle/reverse-bass/etc on Amazon, but there was just a CD called Hardstyle – which I’ve only just found. Typing stuff really does sharpen the brain. Actually, have a look at all these Genuine Bonkers releases : “Bonkers – The Original Hardcore Box Sets” from Amazon. They are where I started.

So here are the tunes I got yesterday – all available to download on : Beatport

Brennan Heart – Life That We Dream Of (City2City)

Nice intro – just an edge of Trance (no bad thing) then that bloke who does these things (I’m going to find out more about him) and into the traditional hard style. Good.

The Colour of the Harder Styles (Original Mix) – Showtek

Here is That Bloke again, must be making a mint, and into that straightforward goodiness…

Burning Love (D-Block & S-te-Fan Remix) – Critical Mass, D-Block & S-te-Fan

Nice bit of classical reverse-bass (see my blog passim) here, pared down and doing the thing.

Kick This Mutha (Original Mix) – Luna, Deepack

Ooops rude word warning – you can guess that from the title methinks. Has all the ingredients we like in this one. There must be a hardstyle kit out there, will buy one.

Jump Up (Original Mix) – Crisis Era

Amazing control of those synths here – listen with some bass up and it’s a bit spine-chillin’. Like it.

Party Don’t Stop (Original Mix) – Darren Styles, Gammer, Dougal

Straight in with it, this is such a unique genre – I imagine There Are Rules. I like the vocals on this, fit in nicely.

Ragga Style (Original Mix) – Dany Bpm

Dub meets hardstyle – sounds like it works too. Fusions very rarely do. Nice Two Unlimited reference there too. Mmmmm!





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