Just been on that Beatport and clicked on few random offerings and surprisingly found a few real goodun’s for you – so you don’t have to search hi/lo for dat sound!

Coyu & Antonio Pocai – Transportador (Coyu Raw Mix)

This is minimal, and nice, and sounds amazing on my laptop – goodness knows what it’s like on the Dance Floor. There’s something reassuring about the bass beat which is not 100% consistent (odd, I like consistency).

Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones – Pursuit (Extended Mix)

Bangin, old-skool Trance – released this month (in 2018, wouldyabelieve) : its in Fminor, at 138 beats per minute. 137 is my favourite, but you can’t have everything…

Patrice Bäumel – Serpent (Original Mix)

I really sounds like Patrice is going all out for minimal these days – he’s spreading his love (RA : here) in a minimalist way. His last track Sorcery, was just a drum machine with the hi-hat turned up. Nice, but maybe he needs to spread his love a bit more thickly. Er, I think.

Rex The Dog – Crasher

I’d say this is ‘long awaited’ – and only available on 12″, boo – I want a CD for my car. Rex The Dog doesn’t seem to have released a proper ‘album’ for ages, if at all, maybe one day there’ll be a retrospective of his work. According to his website, he’s “… Jake Williams and a dog called Rex. They make music with synthesisers. They make remixes, art and animation….“. He seems to use them patchbay, modular things, which are really, really expensive. I wonder if he’s heard of the software (free) version : VCV Rack – would save him a few dollars. You can just have many, many boxes just by pressing Control-D. Anyway, I really like this 12″ thing, might even buy it, record it on my CD-Recorder on an ‘Audio’ CD, then listen to it in me car. Or just wait for that retrospective.

V.A. – Speicher 102 EP · 2018

Here we are, the latest Speicher, always a good imprint of our chums at Kompakt, one day my alter ego ChintzBaby will be on a Speicher – just you wait !

There you are, some crackin’ tunes to get on down to!




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