Happy New Year, y’all!

Here are just a few DJ/Producers I’ve found to watch for the coming year – keep your lug’oles open and let’s see what they get up to. Of course, the cool babes out there already know about these chaps, I just found them on RA – other DJ/producer sites are available…

Apparently owns a bakery, so no stranger to mixing and bringing in the dough. Based in Berlin (which is always cool, one less cool than Cologne, though) he owns a bar there – ‘FC Magnet Mitte’ (Been there? What’s it like?) and does some DJing in his spare time, or perhaps the other way round – how does he find the time? Anyways, this is a nice bit of relaxed shuffling going on :

RA | innervisions.net| SoundCloud| Discogs| Facebook

Olli Jones as Skream does some more laid back doings here, based in Croyden, UK (now there’s either uber-cool, or not), and is the son of a jungle DJ (DJ Hijak), blimey, is it that long since jungle was the thing? Makes me feel old.

RA | Twitter | SoundCloud | Discogs | Facebook

Chap called Hun Choi, he says “…feels blessed every time he gets to play music for people..” and his goal is “…to enrich the lives of listeners as much as possible…”, much like our Patrice then. Doing a good job if this track is anything to go by, nice!

RA | hunee.de | Twitter | SoundCloud | Discogs | Facebook

This hipster does Dub-Techno apparently and is again from Berlin (perhaps I should move to Germany) and won a “Break Through Artist Of The Year” on the “paramount website for electronic music, residentadvisor.net, so says RA … Good stuff though :

RA | dystopian.de | SoundCloud | Discogs | Facebook

Just a selection, who do you think will be huuuge this year, eh?




Eimhier · January 8, 2017 at 12:52 am

Hi Andy, I listened to all four you’ve added to your side and I think you should be high, drunk or on pills to be drawn into this kind of music.

I am a big fan of Queen, Robby Williams and the Rolling Stones. But if I must choose who I would think will be huuuge this year I will definitely go for Dixon 🙂

I am curious what your other listeners will choose for best DJ 2017.


    andy · January 8, 2017 at 11:31 am

    Hello Eimhier!

    Thanks for your comment – and nope, I don’t think you’d need to be on drugs for this sort of thing, just keep listening and it will grow on you, I promise! Have a look at my About Me page – you might find something there to your taste… possibly!

    Thanks for commenting, good to hear differeing opinions,



sophia · January 11, 2017 at 2:25 am

After listening to the four disc jockeys that you wrote about I would definitely have to go with Dixon because there is more diversity with his beats. I don’t normally listen to this kind of music but I gave these DJ’s a fair amount of ear time before I made my decision

The rest of the tracks sounded like they would be perfect to cover B-roll footage of thriller and suspense movies like “Bad Boys 2” or something like that.

    andy · January 11, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Hello Sophia!

    Thanks for your comment! I think Dixon appears to be more popular – number one, I think in the RA charts for the whole of last year. Thanks for listening to this bonkers stuff, not to everyone’s tastes to be sure, but I like it, and so do some of my followers 🙂

    B-roll footage eh? Perhaps this stuff might sound a lot more exciting if it were played at with top quality PA gear in a club of some kind – I imagine that’s how it’s imagined to be played when these guys produce it all.

    Interestingly, I’m not sure ‘DJs’ would like to be called Disk Jockeys – which seems like a good ol’ fashioned phrase for what they do. DJ means something completely different today, just a thought!



Ryan · January 14, 2017 at 12:47 pm

Man, I got so caught up just listening I forgot I was actually trying to share a comment. I threw my hat in with Skream.
A lot of those instruments were so unexpected I just wanted to keep listening to hear what would come next.
I read other’s opinions but do you have a favourite that you’re backing as the best?

    andy · January 17, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Wow Ryan, thanks for that, really glad you liked the tunes, me too! It’s probably Hunee for that lovely mechanical noise he makes (and the cool beard), and the edge of minimalism I like so much!

    Glad you like the Skream fellow too, all good to me!



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