Not really, but here are some of the tunes I’ve found lurking about the place :

Modeselektor – Deboutonner

BPitch Control Records – always a fun label, this offering from modeselektor is excellent, if a little dated now (so 2009 …).

Recently, I bought this little collection from DJ Koze : DJ-KICKS – DJ Koze and it was not at all as bangin’ as I’d want. There’s even some William Shatner on it, I mean, really :

Actually, cool, yes?

And there is a remix of some these shoe-gazing fellers:

Also his only own-track on his own CD:

Here is something you can pre-order (or just order, it won’t arrive just yet) :
Heimat : T.Raumschmiere

That’s yer lot, plenty to get your ears round, have fun!




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