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Now, here are more some goodies to listen to that have come to my attention :

The Orb – Wireless (Leandro Fresco Mix)

Taken from “THE COW REMIXES – SIN IN SPACE PT. 3”, apparently – seems like classic Orby stuff, possibly the video is the most unique thing about this tune, it bit heavy on the wah-wah pedal to me. Still, nice to watch and absorb yourself in. Available on Kompakt and Amazon.

T.Raumschmiere – Wacker

Read all about this on the great FactMag, fresh out today. T.Raumschmiere aka German techno producer Marco Haas (why?), this new album called HEIMAT (named, I presume, after the fantastic German film series maybe?. And his first for many, many years it appears) is a “stirring blend of early Kompakt vibes, ‘Schaffel’ throwbacks, updated sawtooth techno and lush ambient sounds for the ambitious dancefloor…” Perfect then, and totally Bonkers. Get his stuff from Amazon.

Talking about ‘Schaffel’ throwbacks (German for ‘shuffle’ – and a ridiculously long exposition can be found on exclaim.ca, which includes a quote from Micheal Mayer : “… but actually, we have always loved to party. Techno for us is the body. It’s sex, dance and sweat, not science.“, I digress), here is the classic Schaffel example from Kompakt :

Freiland – Hot Love (Justus Köhncke Mix) ‘KOMPAKT 100’ Album

So camp! Love it.

Fiedel “Substance B” [First Floor Premiere]

This is seven days old! Still, a new thing to me – and sounding back-to-basics in rather a lovely way – bet it sounds super-fab on the dancefloor. Fiedel is very new to me, “one half of MMM” is about all the bio we get (and a “mainstay of the Berlin techno scene for years” – I really must find out how much it costs to go to Berlin/Cologne for a few weeks) – but it’s the tunes wot matter eh? Get this well cheap on Amazon.

Cosmo Vitelli -I’m a Cliché

Ooh, really like that sequencer ting going on, and a very live (ie not too well mixed, er, to me ) electric guitar. Nice bumf on YouTube about the magazine : Ransom Note : that’s promoting this collection of old stuff – their office is “..fuelled by Tunnock’s Bars, cat memes, hangovers and a ridiculous, never ending love for our culture…“. Sweet! I’ve signed up to their email, so you may well get more of this … Get this “I’m a Cliché” on Amazon – together with an advert for Ed Sheeran’s new album – Amazon’s algorithms have a lot to learn about me!

Well, that’ll do for nowsi then, see you in a bit,




Marcus · March 6, 2017 at 10:56 am

Fiedel has been DJing for over 20 years and affiliated to OstGut/Berghain for over a decade which is probably why RBMA kept the bio so short.
More infos on this artist can be found here:
https://ostgut.de/label/record/191 and on the agency’s roster 😉

    andy · March 10, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Hello Marcus,
    Well, that’s great, glad you responded to me post – and with much more info on Fiedel – even though it’s all in German. And very nice to have yet another chance to play that Substance B bonkersness again about the place!
    CheersO much!

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