Hello again – I’ve looked at some of the influences on my taste for this exciting genre of ‘music’ – and I was surprised!

I mostly heard this stuff first on the Venerable John Peel Programmes on the good ol’ BBC many years ago – he was the greatest influence on my tastes, and for many others’ too.

Here is a selection of Goodies that have the same sort of rhythms, but are deffo, deffo not EDM – can you spot the connections?

What’s this to do with EDM, eh?

Camille Howard – Fireball Boogie

Fancy sitting in the pub and someone asks – ‘Can anyone play the piano?’ – then going on and doing this! Real rhythm and fantastic tunes with ups and downs and highs and lows – really ecstatic, uplifting stuff. Pity that Camille took up religion and gave all this up. Whatever your religious views (not goin’ there), probably best for her health! Get it on this Ace record (joke, the lable is Ace – one of Peely’s favourite labels) : Specialty Legends of Boogie Woogie” or one of 50 of ’em : “Simply Blues – 50 Essential Tracks”

Stephen Montague – Paramell Va

I first heard Stephen doing this live at a concert in Doncaster and was blown away. It is ‘Contemporary Classical Music’ – one of the very few ways that ‘classical’ music merges with our EDM stuff – plenty of EDM producers have been found wandering into the classical world and vice versa. Aphex Twin comes to mind … I believe he’s won some very prestigious classical prizes as well as doing the thing we like here. Anyway, this Stephen Montague is a jolly nice chap, having met him once, and his music is very modern and very rhythmic. I like that. It’s on his Amazon album. Or on iTunes.

Seth Lakeman – Kitty Jay – Live St. Pancras Station London 2011

Best heard live, seeing him almost mangle that violin. This is British Folk Music, yup, that music that traditionally is played along with Morris Dancing and fingers in the ear. Just listen to Seth here playing (at a railway station for some reason), after the singing he gets going with some extraordinary rhythms – folk people wonder why I like EDM – then I point them to this – what do you think are the parallels? I’d like a succinct answer to give! Not going to recommend the album version, it’s never going to be as good as any live version!

Somei Satoh – Incarnation II

See if you can play this as loud as you can, or learn it and then play on on your Steinway Grand Piano loudly – you’ll be moved! Also ‘contemporary classical music’, it’s rhythmic and flowing and does something to the soul. Musicologists – let me know how our Somei does it, please! Joanna McGregor does a mean version of this on her “Play” Album : iTunes

Nils Frahm – Hammers

This again – no idea what genre this could be. Bonkers will do.

Steve Reich – Different Trains (Part 1)

A very famous (you’ve not heard of him?) 20th/21st Century classical composer – who dabbled with tape loops at the same time as DJ’s and Producers were doing it in completely different places. He probably got paid more, at the time, and more kudos in the classical world. Odd. See also – Michael Nyman, John Cage, John Adams, Philip Glass, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and the rest. Get Steve Reich’s Different Trains and Electric Counterpoint (a thing with guitars) at Amazon or iTunes

So, what are your related musical interests? Let me know!




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