Another short one, must try harder, I know, but here is something I heard, bought the CD, maybe will buy the t-shirt, except I look rubbish in t-shirts :

Ellen Allien – Free Society

I like the bass drum on this, which is just as well, as it’s almost all bass kick there, and there’s nowt wrong with that, I say. The video does go off into too much strobe lighting at the end, which is a shame, as it is otherwise an excellent, very good video for these times.

Also, from, ahem, a friend :
ChintzBaby – TotDrawerIsch

Which isn’t as good, but I like it.

That’s it for now, will keep looking our good and bonkers tracks when I have the energy (NRG!).

Actually, while I’m here : this is pretty damned impressive – prepare to waste a lot of time pootling about on this site : Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music  – it describes every EDM genre out there (and some not out there, as they’ve passed into EDM history, which is not a long time at all).  Ol’ Ishy is quite the opinionated beggar, so prepare to disagree with him most of the way (his stuff on Musique Concrète, though, is fabulous).

I’m getting my ‘friend’ (see above) to create a ‘ambient death techno’ genre, to add to version 4.0 of Ishkur’s guide.  Wish me luck! I mean him.

That’s it for now, keep it bonkers,

~ andy ~


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