Here are some recent releases that have caught my eye (ear, actually), as we drift away from summer silliness and into some serious bonkerness!

Robyn & Kindness – Who Do You Love (Wolfgang Voigt GAS Remix)
This rather lovely tune from one of the superheros of Kompakt, and I’ve noticed the video is rather dull – so listen with your eyes closed 🙂 The GAS thing is Wolfgang’s new 10xLP or 4xCD box set coming up in October – Kompakt say : “A must – if you consider yourself a serious fan of electronic music“, hmm, I’d better get my pre-order in then! It looks like a reissue of Zauberberg, a dark, dissonant album, with all tracks untitled – moody! Also Königsforst and Pop – all by Wolfgang in his Gas guise. Interesting stuff, and very Kompakt, if this track is anything to go by.

Weval – You’re Mine (Live At Maida Vale)
Watch the maestros at work here, all serious but bonkers at the same time – Weval really do have a unique sound, with a real drummer too.  Note the cool and trendy BBC Radio 1 intro. Oh dear …

Get the original on their album called “Weval”, from Amazon | iTunes

Wassermann – Die Schallplatte (Vinyl Countdown Mix)
Very scratchy! But it’s only a couple of minutes long. For some reason I really like the vocoded German (I think) vocals – perhaps it’s the latent Kraftwerk fan in me!

Available on Die Schallplatte (Remixes) – EP – Wassermann at Amazon and iTunes

Stereo Mc’s vs Terranova ‘turnaround’ Dennis Bovell Dub (connected 004)
This is really nice, recorded in an analogue studio in Berlins unused Tempelhof airport apparently, and sounding good for that, bring back analogue then!

Can be got from Amazon, couldn’t find it on iTunes!

Kompakt Total 16

The long awaited Kompakt Total 16!

Wooo! I have this on standing order every year – it’s always a joy to hear a decent selection of what Kompakt think is great (the tracks are chosen by the staff, it’s not a best sellers collection by any means – ‘curated’, if you like).

25 Top Tunes from artistes we like here : The Field, Weval, Rex The Dog, Terranova, Hunter/Game, Jurgen Paape, Michael Mayer – plus, as always with the annual Total series, some new ones, and exclusive tracks by the Kompakt founders – it really is a good intro to what’s happening in the EDM/Dance/Electronica every year!

Get now from Kompakt | iTunes

So that’s a nice playlist to be getting on with, I’m looking forward to getting the Kompakt Total 16 to play in my car at full volume, and slightly warily, that GAS re-release too!

Comments on all this please – what’s your ‘late summer’ listening?




Courtney · August 29, 2016 at 6:09 pm

The music business sure has changed, I am not sure where its going. I once owned a music store in the early seventies and I was surrounded by music day and night, the only time I seem to listen now is in the car. The name Dennis Bovell rings a bell, was he around in the seventies? My son is a marketing manager in the music business and I know they are trying to adjust to the changes. I still like my live and raw instruments. What are your views on the new developments in the business?I can be sold on the last video. Happy listening.

    andy · August 30, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Hi Courtney,

    I think the music business is always changing, in all directions! Whatever groove is your thang, then there’ll be something going on around it, possibly in your area to go and see/hear. Or just try and google it – that’s been my problem, I can’t quite give a name to what exactly I like – so I came up with Bonkers EDM – my own genre!

    Dennis Bovell is ” … a reggae guitarist, bass player and record producer. He was a member of Matumbi, and also is “Blackbeard”. He’s also known for his collaborations with Linton Kwesi Johnson, too…” Interestingly “dub” from Jamaica, is one of my favourite sounds too, sometimes collides with EDM. Sometimes! Dub in EDM terms is quite different, though, I fear.

    And I like raw instruments too (see my post https://electronicamusicreviews.com/edm-related-bon… – for Seth Lakeman), especially if they have that particular rhythm I like. Can’t help it though, I do like the sound of synthesisers, especially sequenced ones, aways have!

    Thanks for your comment!



James Harvey · September 3, 2016 at 7:27 am

I stumbled across this site by accident. But the music made me stay. I went through and checked them out. I loved them. I like this type of music. Are you a producer by any chance?

Late summer tunes have always been sort of an old fashioned thing to me.

I will be sure to share this on Twitter.

    andy · September 4, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Glad you stumbled on it! And thank you for saying you liked the music, I do too 🙂

    I am a producer of my own stuff, but it’s not nearly as professional sounding as the stuff here, so I’ll spare my loyal visitors any of my twiddlings for a while, may just sneak one in though…

    Thanks for your comment!


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