Hello again!

Here are more goodies I’ve discovered for your listening pleasure, first up is truly weird, not much of a beat going on, but pretty lovely all the same :

Jan Jelinek – Them, Their

Clicky is the word, but just fine … all about the transformation of sounds, devising a method for translating old Motown records or the excesses of funk into abstract, reduced electronics … since 1998, apparently.

Instant 303 by Instant 303 by Wolfgang Voigt

Now. I don’t normally like anything that comes out of a Roland TR303, but our Wolfgang has done something rather nice with his one here, most unusual (as you might expect) and almost likeable. Still a 303 though, unfortunately.

Jon Hopkins – Abandon window (Pixelord remix)

Very relaxing, cinematic possibly but a nice background to be doing your thing to, could get used to this. Jon Hopkins has worked with Brian Eno and Coldplay, which pretty much explains this track.

Speicher 94 – Reinhard Voigt / Terranova

Yes, um, not quite as fun as recent Speichers – from two of my fave artistes (Reinhard Voigt and Terranova) This appears to be in memory of a couple of much loved doggies, hence the slight misery here (aaand nowt wrong with that – see this). I digress.

That’s about it for today – I’ve used up my saved links on Facebook, nothing else to see here for nowsi – keep coming back for more though!




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