Here is some new electronica to get your lugoles around – I’ve just discovered Magda :


That’s over an hour of fine tunes, very nice of her to put it up for us to hear! You can even get this on CD at Amazon (or iTunes) to listen to in your car – 98 tracks! Magda (Magdalena Chojnacka) is from Poland, has Richie Hawtin as a friend, and has been doing the DJ thing since converting from ‘rock’ to electro-vibes in 2005, learning her skills in the underground clubs of Detroit. She now resides in the obvious city – Berlin. Lost of respec’ from the DJ community, as you can hear in the above setlist.

She even did a remix of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (don’t get me started on Joy Division, when I’m not jollily listening to electronica, I’ll bring myself back to earth with Closer …).

She’s done : BBC 1 Essential Mix, Timewarp’s 20th anniversary, Fabric’s esteemed CD series, remixed Yello, Plastikman, Depeche Mode, LL Cool J, Chaka Khan and Jody Watley. And she runs a record label : Items and Things.

She likes the minimal stuff (known as the ‘Queen of Minimal’), and not on Kompakt, which is a surprise, and seems to be into 80s electro, atonal works, experimental, Italian horror composition, Detroit techno futurism and bog-standard dancefloor vibes. And she has her own brand of Tequila, where she works on the branding and artworks. Wow.

Here’s another set, seeing her do her thing :

Her SoundCloud page is full of goodies too, here’s a nice chilled mix:

Some good listening there, and no mistake.

Her releases as a producer are few and far between, and mostly DJ sets :

Stop – EP, December 12, 2005 | iTunes
Magda’s Fabric 49 Parts, November 16, 2009 | iTunes
From the Fallen Page, November 10, 2010 | iTunes
Balance 027 (Mixed by Magda), March 2015 | iTunes

She has a project called ‘DTR’ (define the relationshipd-t-r.org) which releases edits of famous tracks from the past that influenced her – and all free from SoundCloud – mainly lots and lots of remixes of that Joy Division track (not my favourite, actually, only one to chart though, oh. Got me started on Joy Division…). The Yello, LL Cool J and Chaka Khan make up the rest of it. Interesting idea.

Here is where’s else she’s at on t’internet: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter.

And she’s in the UK in November!  At the Underground Liverpool as part of their tenth anniversary (part two), at the “micron 10.2 with ame & magda” event, Saturday 10th November (10:00pm til 6:00am, (last entry 12:00am), Minimum Age: 18 etc) – find out a bit more and get some tickety boo from at Skiddle.  Then she’s off to good ol’ Birmingham (UK) at The Rainbow Venues on Saturday 19th November 2016, with Mathew Jonson Live, Jane Fitz, Nicolas Lutz, Daniel Bell and Chord for a 8 hour shindig – get tickets for that at Skiddle too.

That’s enough I think, lots to groove on down too, let me know what you think!




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