I heard this one track recently .. and it set me Googling :

Spojaz – Find Me

According to MixMag, it …

… sounds like reverse bass hardstyle smacked up to 170bpm

Blimey – so I found this collection, which is slap-bang in the middle of the @BonkersEDM idealogy :

Reverse bass hardstyle III

Fun, eh? I looked up how to make this ‘reverse bass’ thing, thinking I could just reverse my bass kicks (I is a Musician too …) – and all I got was a bass kick that sounded, er, reversed (woomph, wooomph, without the omph really), hey ho. There’s no denying that these chap and chappesses have some real skill in creating his stuff – doffs hat accordingly.

There are Reverse bass hardstyle I, II, III and IV on youtube, if you’d like to hear more and more of it.

In other news, my very late review of Kompakt Total 17 is coming soon, and will be just as short as this, though there are some very fine tunes on CD2, always CD2.

Keep Bangin’!

~ andy ~


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