Long time no post, sorry, but here’s a nice Single from our “love all around” friend Patrice :

Grace / Puppets – Patrice Bäumel – Speicher X

RA is a bit out of date, but I suspect their premonition was true : The buzz around him is growing. Bäumel’s 2018 is looking bright.

If you can’t see/hear the thing above – then you may want to turn off your ad-blocker, and any other un-tracking plugins 🙂

Nice sound on that Single – even on my (not awfully cheap) laptop, I like it a lot.

Having a bimble about the Apple store (to which I am affiliated – disclaimer – if you buy this on Apple, I get some dosh to pay for the very expensive hosting I chose, ages ago) … I found this curation from the man :

Balance Presents – Patrice Bäumel

Lots and lots of lovely tunes chosen by Patrice! Nice.

As this is an Apple Experiment, let’s put this up again, really excellent :

Speicher 98 – Single

Here is is in all its glory on YouTube, to which I have no affiliation and really should write something around it.

Danny Daze & Shokh – Aire

That Danny Daze & Shokh – Aire track is sublime, so gently ramping things up and a nice repetitive vibe going down. Then there’s the delightful portamento/glide trancy synth (we like trancy synth) coming in and taking over the whole feel of the thing. And then, also, we have a slight break (a caesura) of the central beat every now and then, to keep us interested. A fine piece of music, you’ll agree!

And, after that, there’s Patrice’s drum machine, left to its own devices :

Patrice Bäumel – Sorcery

Building up to, well not very much. I think I may have said elsewhere, that this is Very Brave and we like him for that, just a tickety-tick hi-hat and a subtle bass kick, then a simple echoed synthy things, but very much keeping the tickety thing intact. Very Kompakt. And I like the finish, with a bit of a Dutch flourish.

That is my Apple Experiment – the Apple player on my site for the First Time, to see what it looked like. And a few words from me around it all.

More soon, promise,




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