Nothing new here, soz, just want to say, I mean mention, and perhaps get this post on the interwebs, to say that – why no Kompakt Total19 announcement? Eh? Nowt whatsover on Google (other search engines are available, but google’s now verb, I mean, we don’t bing anything) – and a lookup on Kompakt.fm shows nothing either : https://kompakt.fm/releases?find=total – so what’s up Kompakt?

Questions should be asked!

It usually appears in August, with lots of fanfares etc. Not a whisper this year. And they’ve stopped the blog on their site too, which used to be fun. Hey ho, progress etc.

Rantly post over. Maybe it’ll appear, as if by magick, in August as usual, there are a few more weeks to go …



UPDATE : Magick! So we now have a release date of about a month after Kompakt normally bung out their Total compilations – September 27, 2019, which is better than none at all.


All my social media campaigns and lobbying efforts have been worthwhile. See, one small EDM website can make a difference! And so can you, in this weird world we’re living in, so can you, my friend.

Find it here : https://kompakt.fm/releases/total_19_2xlp_dl – pre-order it, or simply just order it, now!

We have a number of the usual suspects on the list – JÜRGEN PAAPE, THOMAS/MAYER, REX THE DOG, ANNA, PATRICE BÄUMEL, KÖLSCH and GUI BORATTO – all caps because that’s the way we do that in EDM-land. Plus some new ones, which, really, for me, dunno about you, but that’s the way I like it – new ones.

Oddly enough, I always thought it was a bit of a Kompakt office, what do we all like, what should go in there, general opinion of all around in Cologne, sort of affair. But no – the Kompakt Totals have all been the work of one chap : “MICHAEL MAYER (Kompakt co-owner, curator of the TOTAL series)” it says. Betcha he was influenced, ever so very slightly by those around him. Deffo. Still, all good, and we look forward to September (when it might even be a bit cooler too).

I can rest easy now.




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