Hello again,

Here is a brief post of things I’ve found to my liking, what do you think?

Wolfgang Voigt – Apodiktische Gewissheit

I might have posted this before but it’s deffo a goer still. 16 minutes of minimal minimalness to wrap yer lugoles about. Keep it playing and you’re guaranteed to be in a better mood! See all of this fellow’s stuff on Amazon, why not? 🙂

Reinhard Voigt – The Singing Saw

This has been out for some time but I really do like it – on Amazon and Kompakt. Stripped down nicely, “minimalistic techno with a headbanging twist” say Kompakt – see if you can spot the headbanging bit.

Thore Pfeiffer – Good Life

Interesting weird stuff here. He does his own acrylic paintings for his album artwork, having dome illegal graffiti – naughty boy – so a bit of an all-round ‘artiste’ then. Bit worthy, the video is most odd too. Just thought I’d bung it up for some comments … Some more Thore Pfeiffer Amazon.

Rex The Dog: Our Modular Synth / Sicko

This video is fascinating – how RtD do their thing on their homemade kit – like going back to the good ol’ days. Pretty nice tune too.

Rex The Dog – Shortwaves – Preview

Another Rex preview I found lying about, now I know how they do their thing, it sounds quite old fashioned to me!

Anyway, just a few things to listen to while I try and work out what direction to take this blog, as it can be jolly hard work finding links and all that, plus the Kompakt player doesn’t work with my blog, seemingly because my blog is secure, and kompakt.fm aint. Crikey.




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