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Great blog title eh? Never know what to put up there, I’m supposed to create a blog title that Google/Bing/Yahoo will see and immediately put it at the top of the page, even if you’re googling dog biscuits, but I’ve never got the hang of that SEO thing.

So, what have we here to hear then?

Patrice Bäumel – Sorcery
First up : a lovely ditty from our friend Patrice Bäumel – the DJ/Producer who wants to spread love about the place, and why not, eh? Here he is on Kompakt again, as special guest for their very own Speicher imprint. I like it, because it is pretty bonkers (doesn’t do much, very slowly) and not many of us like this sort of thing… what do you think?

Michael Mayer – DJ Set (Panoramas 2017)
Here is The Master doing his thing live, pity about the crap recording with people shouting (why don’t they take feed from the desk for this sort of thing? Hey ho.), it’s pretty nice 4 minute experience though:

This is a new outfit to me (well, if you count the number of DJ’s on Resident Advisor’s DJ list, then that’s about 100% of them, to the nearest percent), and apparently Mexican too, which is a good thing these days. Interestingly, this really isn’t ‘Electronica’, it seems to have real drums, a real electric guitar and probably real hand-claps, but it’s got a great groove, like it.

Have I mentioned T.RAUMSCHMIERE’S new “HEIMAT” album yet? It arrived some time ago and it’s quite brilliant. Here there is something of a probably ubiquitous siren thing going on, which you’ll have to warm to eventually (brave, if you ask me). Nice video though. Heimat was a very good German film series once, I may have mentioned that before (do I read my own posts? – yup, sometimes, they’re great) .

Ellen Allien – Call Me (Official Video)
I’ve also got me a copy of Ellen Alien’s new work – ‘Nost’ (for Nostalgia, and it really is old-skool) – this is really much better than RA‘s review of 3 and a bit stars out of five – she’s a fine artiste! I do like the low bassy, bongy synths she has (see About Me for why…) going there on this one.

And there is this coming oh so very soon : Kompakt Total 17, which I shall bore you all with when I gets me copy… so look forward to that!

CheersO for now,



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