Just a quick review here – in case you’re sitting there wondering what sort of mobile phone you should get, well, then let me suggest a couple!

Marshall London

Never heard of them! Ah, yes I have, it’s only the great Marshall, of Marshall Stack fame. Blimey, they decided to make a mobile phone! It has all of the classic Marshall styling and it even has stereo microphone for decent recordings of your cat, or the birds tweeting in your garden, sweet.


So, it’s the audio quality of this rather odd (but so very cool) smartphone that Marshall have developed – from the ground up it seems, rather than sticking their name on a generic one. I really, really wish I’d been able to get one of these last time my Xperia upped and died. I now have another Xperia, ho hum.

Other things of note:

  • LoopStack, a 4-channel 16-bit recorder.
  • Global graphic equaliser – boost the bass!
  • Two front-facing speakers.  Two.
  • It’s very loud, it’s a Marshall.
  • It has a proper volume control on the side (they call it a scrollwheel…) – it goes up to 11.
  • Two stereo jacks for two people to listen on headphones.
  • “Cirrus Logic WM8281 Audio Hub” which is a separate microprocessor just for the music.
  • Comes with Marshall earbuds – worth nearly 50 quid in themselves.
  • Everything else about this phone is about average, unfortunately, but – the music!

This is the coolest phone you can be seen with, highly recommended! Do the Amazon one-click now, go on!

HTC 10

This smartphone seems to be the next on the list for audio quality, it has 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording, which is higher than the Marshall (except the Marshall has four of them), a “Personal Audio Profile system” which adjusts frequencies to each ear, for some reason. But it does have separated tweeter and woofer amps, which is like a real hifi system in the old days.

And it has a separate DAC (thing that converts Digital to Analogue – music) rather than use the standard one that comes on the main circuit board. Interestingly, this sees to be A Thing, which gives away the fact that they use a standard circuit board (called SnapDragon, I think, not an expert as you can see) for the rest of the phone. Hmmm.

I think WhatHiFi reviewed this phone, which is something.

You also get “Hi-Res audio certified” earphones – someone out there is offering certifications! So, better than the throwaway ones you get with other smartphones (but you still don’t get a charger).

Anyway, this is the best of the crop, apart from the Marshall, so ignore the rest of the crop! I am.

Find an HTC-10 if you really want, though, at Amazon.


Does your smartphone have zinging sound quality from its speakers?

CheersO for now,



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