So, it did go and arrived in me mailbox -Kompakt Total 17!!

It seems most odd to me, but it’s always CD2 on these Kompakt Total things that are better than CD1, pretty much without exception. Anyone think that? Comment below etc.

So, what’s it like? There are some great ground-breaking toons on CD2, made me think of the Late Great John Peel – if you didn’t listen to his programmes for a while, everything sounded just weird, then – as you listen daily, most of it got normalised. Same with this year’s Total (CD2).

Here are my highlights – fans of my wee blog will have noticed that I did two whole mega-posts on each artist on Total 16. Not doing that again, blimey, took ages.):

CD2 : 1-4 Doctor C’est Chouette – Laurent Garnier

This one is a slow burner but gets right on with it eventually in typical minimalistic techno styley, verrr nice to have on a loop methinks. Laurent Garnier is 51 you know! Hope for me yet to get on this exclusive Speicher label…

Kölsch – PUSH

This is a fine track from The Man in the Hat – and not typical of his latest stuff in me ol’ humble opinion – I didn’t really like his latest : 1989 – too much of the same tune seemingly. Nice tune, but too much of a nice thing is, well, repetitive, and not in a good way. This is the only track you’ll need from that album, Kölsch fans!

Clarian – Ankh

An yet another fine example of Minimalist Techno – Kompakt’s favourite genre – being nicely in control of the filter button, it moves in and out gracefully, a master of his art. Here is his RA page : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/clarian – the bio is fascinating!

Sorcery – Patrice Bäumel

Brave! Very brave! This starts with a ticking hi-hat, and nowt else – a bit like the intro’s to many 70’s glam rock single (Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up comes to er, mind), then just keeps it going without much else happening – a few twangs and echoy ins and outs. That’s it. As I say, brave. And actually jolly fine from the man who wants to spread sweetness, light and “…techno music for grown-ups”.

Demian – Milestars

This Is Fantastic! Saving the best ’til last, this one just brilliant – takes some time, then piiing – really love that ping sound, and it makes the track – Mozart might have been proud of this, really!

Special mention for CD1 fans – Jaguar – T. Raumschmiere is fabulous, as is his whole LP : Heimat, but I may have mentioned this before.

And those, for me, are the bestest tracks on the 2xCD set – oddly all one after the other on CD2.

What have you made of this year’s Kompakt curation?




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