Interesting question!  To me it sounded very worthy, serious and possibly a bit Dark.  Maybe I was thinking of it as a combo of Emo and D’n’B.

Turns out it’s just electronic dance music – electronica – everything under that huuuuge genre.

Including the bonkers stuff wot I like, oh yes (hmmm, does the Dr Who theme fit in… answers in my comments section please…! ).

So here is another selection of more modern tunes which diddled my noodle and wobbled my synapses, which might be labelled ‘EDM’… :


H-FOUNDATION – Laika : Only 100 copies of this were pressed before a certain Mr Barry put a stop to all the fun (though you can see why here) – one of those stop-the-car-and-listen moments for me when the late great John Peel played it for the first time.  I was going to some bloke’s house to buy a second hand video player in Bristol, and was late.  John Peel must have played it on a Saturday afternoon then, as I remember, how odd!  Equally oddly it’s still available on Amazon!

L.S.G. – Hearts : Deffo a zingy, techo, rave, euphoria thang going here – all lovely arperggio sequencing and general lovelyness – was in the same John Peel Festive Fifty as Laika above, in 1994.  Get it on (not available in the UK, for some reason)

Savvas Ysatis – Move Me : Well.  Only just found this (how up-to-date am I?) while looking at my Tresor record collection.  It’s pretty good an’ all.

Jürgen Paape – Ofterschwang : Now. This. Is. Bonkers!  Desert Island Discs material for me – shock the Radio 4 crowd – it too is very simple indeed, if I liked all of Jürgen’s stuff, I’d say he was a Genius for creating this.  And the cowbells aren’t even in time …  It’s available on Kompakt 100 on iTunes.

Kaito – Everlasting Dub : I can have this on a loop all day, it’s so relaxing and moving, self assured and very simple. Aaaaaahmmmm… on Kompakt Total 9 or on good ol’ iTunes : Kompakt: Total 9!

Freiland – Hot Love : This is hilarious, very, er, high camp – and a brilliant cover of T-Rex’s hit – “Bolan didn’t spend all night on the lyrics” as Martin Clunes said once (on Desert Island Discs, actually).  This version is apparently an example of German shuffle music – ‘Schaffel‘.  And Freiland is none other than Wolfgang Voigt.  On Kompakt 100 from Kompakt themselves, or Kompakt 100 on iTunes

Terranova – Goldilocks : The video alone is worth the price of admission here, and it’s a fine piece of work, quite new too. Song on Amazon. Or get whole the album, “Restless” on iTunes.

Nils Frahm – Hammers : Put this on the same loop as Everlasting Dub – in fact, put this whole playlist on a loop all day – your mental health deserves it!  This is electronic, really, it must be, honest.  Or just a bloke playing a piano (miked up though, there’s electric involved somewhere, shurely?) !  It’s on Erased Tapes Collection VI : Amazon or iTunes which is a very odd collection of stuff indeed!

Do you have a track which you think defines ‘EDM’?  If so, bung it in as a comment, or Contact Us on the right there ->


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Robert · November 27, 2015 at 6:52 pm

Yes! I found a fellow John Peel fan 🙂 I think the EDM question is a mind-shatteringly broad one at this point, right? So many odd things come to mind, some of which I may have listened to at 2am on a road listening to John Peel or Mary Anne Hobbs’s Breezeblock radio show… it’s a blur. And of course videogames and YouTube have a lot to answer for now as well, so… gosh, what tunes would I bring out. Well, I reckon everyone is going to have their personals and never going to agree on anything, so I’m just going to throw out the randoms that mean something to me:

Pendulum: Hold your colour

This is an aussie band so they can even spell “colour” right! 😛 Words cannot express the awesome.

The Prodigy: Mindfields

UK legends, I could have chosen almost anything of theirs but I went with a track that’s maybe less well known? The Prodigy are certainly an EDM defining band for me, no question.

Leftfield: Chant of a Poor Man

I tend to think of other tracks of theirs first like Phat Planet and Afrika Shox, but I really like the mellow nature of Chant of a Poor Man. Easy listening and hard not to do a little jig.

Black Sun Empire: Eraser

I found these guys waaaay late. Apparently I live under a rock and I will now go hang my head in shame… :3

Last one…

Radiohead: Lotus Flower

Thom and co. are for sure, another defining band for me. Loads of their tracks are just a headspin. 🙂

Honourable mentions… bands I didn’t manage to cram in but wanted to highlight: Everything but the Girl, Muse, Faithless, Underworld… I’m sure I’m forgetting loads. Oh like Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim and… yeah, loads.

    andy · November 30, 2015 at 9:33 am

    Hi Robert,
    Blimey, that’s an impressive list, cheers!


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