Some more stuff that’s hit the ol’ mailbox of yours truly :

A Very Nice Combinado Volume Dos

An interesting selection of goodies here – described by RA as “… sparse, playful and clever..“, well that suits the Bonkers tag in my opinion, and odd it is too, from the previews you can hear above. A strange treat indeed … RA Review : RA.

Superpitcher : What Do You Miss/Let’s Play Doctor

This preview is far too short, but sounds like it might be masseeeve to me – Superpitcher (aka Aksel Schaufler, first appearing on the very first Speicher emprint in the year 2000 – here he is on wikipedia no less) – get yours from many, many places : in this full list of outlets.

DJ Koze : ‘For You’ Mbira remix premiere

Nicely under-mixed vocals here, sitting slap bang on top of some rather sweet vibra-things. DJ Koze is German born, starting out in 1988. Really! Sit back and enjoy his latest …

If you want to hear about 60 more tracks like this, then here they are in all their glory, from the Soundcloud massive :


Well, that’s enough goodies to be goin’ on with, I think.




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