Hi again,

I thought I’d dump my list of the most unusual things I’ve heard about the internet, stuff that may not be too rhythmic, but probably fits the bonkers genre (which I invented, probably, ha!). Presented in a random order (I’m not a presenter, yet) and with some equally bonkers videos too, so here they are:

Rian Traenor – A2 [The Death Of Rave]
Quite tame to start off with, this is a nice ditty with some simple glitchy bits in the middle …

Tim Hecker — Castrati Stack
Orchestral and choir loveliness from the Master of this sort of thing – does a lot of film scores as you can imagine…

Ectoplasm Girls – Transmission From The 18th Century
Doesn’t start very musically, but nice none-the-less, the video is verrry slow, but things do happen, keep watching! Gently evolving into a really fine piece of music, listen to it all 🙂

Joachim Nordwall – Blow My Mind (E200)
Now this is very slow, but rewarding experimental goodies, a bit of a track list here on youtube, lots to keep you mellow as you sit there doing something creative, very nice. Co-founded Swedish experimental label Börft Records on which are some other nice things, for example : check out this : “Load” from Daniel Araya.

Don’t play this loud! I think this is Truly Bonkers, and very different from all the others here – tongue-in-cheek, and fun, pity about the title though, sorry.

Burial – Prayer
This guy is well known for his moodiness and low-frequency wobbliness, a chap called William Emmanuel Bevan from London. Gets going a bit later in the track, honest!

Jürgen Paape – Ballroom Blitz
One of my fave artists, here he does a cover, in very much in his own style of The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, with no vocals, just looped samples from that old 1970’s track. Methinks he’s got his style from the rhythm of Ballroom Blitz, sounding very familiar to me!

Eroht – Hang
Very strange, experimental stuff here …

Danny Kotz & Avi Caspi – Reject
I like this – nice groove, and some sexy vocals in French (I think), a touch of Lil Louis French Kiss here, but not too much…

Max Wuerden – Fernfeld
Winding the mood down again, smooth and low and lovely!

There you go, a a bit of variety there, what do you think?




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