It’s been a bit of a while, so here is a nice selection of fine tunes we’ve been listening to here. All kinds of things, not all bangin’, but soothing and keeping the woes (as in ‘woe is me!’) at at bay, for a while …

PNN16 Brunette – Syrnx : A bit clicky, and simplisticy but really not so bad for that, and some Coma influence does one think?

On Kompakt

Coma – The Sea : And here’s themselves with new offering, relaxing and a sweet video, lovely vocally thing going on here too, the sea indeed!

At Kompakt | iTunes

Max Wurden – Fernfeld : Oooh, some guitar, not like me at all, but I like it, in all its ambience.

At iTunes Pop Ambient 2017 on Kompakt

Apodiktische Gewissheit Art Installation – Wolfgang Voigt : Only a two minute slice of pure Wolfgang Voigt simplicity. Yum!

At Kompakt

Dusky – Long Wait (Patrice Baumel Remix) : Remix by the guy who wants to bring beauty, peace, love etc to the world. And doing a good job.

At iTunes

Vitalic – Poison Lips – okey dokey, yes, it was in an Amazon advert, but I love the retro bassline and sweeping vocals, really tight, a fine tune.

At iTunes.

Leandro Fresco – Sonido Español : More ambiencocity here and not a beat in sight, shut your eyes and let the world drift away …

iTunes on Pop Ambient 2017 on Kompakt

Thore Pfeiffer – Good Life : Last one to really send you off!

iTunes, also on Pop Ambient 2017 on Kompakt

Nice eh? Let me know what you think!



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