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Technics 1200 mk2

Technics stopped making them in 2010 (from starting production in 1972) – but, there’s a new version out at just now (‘summer of 2016’, ha, summer, when’s that going to happen?) – the SL-1200GAE.

How close to the original are they? Not going to answer that, only time will tell (ie in another 40 years…).

Why was the SL-1200 Mk.II so popular with DJ’s?

  • The quartz-controlled high torque direct-drive motor, no rubber belts
  • Built like, and weighed as much as, a tank
  • Very low wow-and-flutter
  • Ability to change the pitch for beat matching.
  • Fast response to physical slowing of the platter back to proper speed, no overshoot. This led to that ol’ ‘scratching’ vibe
  • 0 to 33¹⁄₃ RPM in less that 0.7 seconds!
  • Unfortunately for Technics – very high reliability that meant they didn’t sell many 🙂 [well, about 3 million, actually]

Seemingly, DJ’s could ‘play’ the thing, just like an instrument, so responsive was it. Hence the Iconic Status of the SL-1200 (ones and two’s, wheels of steel, etc, etc).

There appear to be some original ones available at Amazon, but make sure it’s da real ting now, before buying.

More here, here, here, here and on Wikipedia.

Do you have one? What’s it really like?




Matt's Mom · August 3, 2016 at 7:18 pm

I used to have a ton of vinyl records and 45s. One day I just decided to get rid of them all and put them all on Amazon. What a big mistake that was. I miss having them and listening to them. And now I see there are some great options for turntables for vinyls. I like the Technic model, just wish I still had them 🙁

    andy · August 5, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Hello Mother of Matt!

    Yup, that really was a daft thing to do, and no mistake! Vinyl is really coming back and the shops are full of cheap turntables (I decided not to review any of them yet, they all look to plasticky for me, best stick to the good ol’ SL-1200, and you’re done).

    Still not too late to build another collection, you’ve plenty of time!

    Thank you for you nice comment!



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