Following on from the last spotlight on Magda, I thought I’d continue the theme and look at another excellent DJ/Producer – Rune Reilly aka Kölsch (and Rune RK, ENUR, Artificial Funk, Ink and Needle, Tattoo, Tattoorecs …). He’s Danish and grew up in a hippie commune (cool, man) which probably helped a lot in his chosen career, now he lives in Cologne (where else? where Kompakt is).

Here’s one of his tracks I really like, hanging about with Micheal Mayer :

His two main releases are simply titled ‘1977’ (date he was born, such a youngster) and ‘1983’ – the first year he travelled through Europe aged six. Exceptional memory then, no idea what I was doing aged six, waiting to hear that first electronic noise that would shape my musical tastes forever, probably. Ahem, enough about me, Kölsch says ‘1977’ was a product of “reminiscing about what shaped me as a kid” and “the weird ideas and concepts I had on my mind at the time.” and he describes ‘1983’ as a “travel album”.

Let’s hear them, then :

Kompakt | iTunes
Listen to Lorely, which has appeared a few time in remixes on Kompakt, also Basshund which has some lovely synth noises I like. Goldfisch is a club classic.


Kompakt | iTunes
The title track seems to played a lot in his gigs, and Talbot is quintessential Kölsch with those nice orchestral vibes he’s got going, could be post-classical … He says that ‘1983’ took two years to make, getting ‘Waa Industry’ to do the vocals, nice!

Here are more of my fave tracks of his :
Speicher 93 : Grey / KIR

DerDieDas :Speicher 84

And a video : Goldfisch [nice hat]

He’s done some impressive gigs : Essential Mix for Pete Tong MBE, Fabric, Space Terrace, Amnesia, Ushuaia, Australian Tour, South American Tour, and now he’s on tour all over the place (Leeds, Cardiff, Liverpool, Galway, Rome, Montpellier, Munich, Paris … all in two months), might find tickets here.

All in all, I like the way he plays with big sounds in a minimal way, his melodies and the tunes. I hope you like the music on this post, certainly cheered me up while writing this!

For more on Kölsch here he is at : Twitter | Beatport | Wikipedia | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Kompakt | Discogs and Facebook.

What do you think of our Kölsch, then? Let me know!



UPDATE : catch his BBC Radio One Residency : here!

ps : image of da man : By Robin Krahl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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